Dave Moody is a music artist, songwriter, producer and filmmaker with numerous industry awards and peer acknowledgments to his credit. As a member of The Moody Brothers, he earned two Grammy Award nominations in the '80s, and spent most of the '90s in Paris, France working for The Walt Disney Company. Dave returned home in the new millennium and produced a solo album which set in motion a string of 19 Dove Award nominations (the Christian Music Grammys) and established Dave as a respected industry professional. In 2005 and 2006, he won multiple Dove Awards for his music and productions. Then in 2007, the Gospel Music Association put him at the top of that year's most nominated list with eight Dove nominations, including recognition for his publishing company in the coveted Song of the Year category.

Later that year, Dave turned some of his attention to filmmaking, first as a composer for the film, Stuck In The Past, then as producer/director of Praise Band: The Movie by Elevating Entertainment, a company he started with his son Josh. These films won high praise from reviewers and critics, and were recoginized with several film festival awards including "Best Musical Award," "Best Music Film" and "Best Premier Production." The Moody's next film, No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School, featuring Hollywood veteran Bill Cobbs and Golden Globe nominee Lee Meriwether was released in the Fall of 2010. Moving Pictures Film and Television, part of ICAP Media Group, secured the international rights to distribute the film worldwide. Bridgestone Multimedia Group distributes the film in the US and Canada. The film has won film festival awards around the globe, including "Best Feature Film," "Best Film for Young Viewers," the "Redemptive Storytellers Award" and others. Other current film projects include Dave's soundtrack composing for the urban indie film Generational Curses, his directing for the Elf Sparkle animated film series featuring Rob Schneider, John De Lancie, Margaret O'Brien, Rance Howard and others.

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